Junkyard Jezebel at the Brass Armadillo

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Junkyard Jezebel at the Brass Armadillo

Junkyard Jezebel is ALL about the journey, the laughs and the stories that we tell about it afterwards. Take Thelma and Louise, add a lot of coffee and thrown in a trainwreck in slow motion and you have the gist. It's a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It's about loving what I do, who I do it with and mostly, who I do it for. And then some shiplap.....

Hmmm…about me? What about me. Well let’s start with the fact that I’m a teensy bit self-obsessed. And when I say a teensy bit, well..I mean probably alot. Don’t get me wrong, I do really care about the earth, and my fellow man, well more so women. And I love animals. Especially dogs, but pretty much all animals. I love my girlfriends. With wild abandon. Some of them are the sisters I wished I’d had. I did have sisters. Two of them actually, but they definitely were not the sisters I wanted! I’m sure they’d probably say the same about me. I consider myself very lucky that my mother raised me to value history and value the women in my life. Because of her, I always devoted alot of energy to nurturing those relationships that bring me so much freedom, peace and happiness today. Thanks Mom!

I live in Phoenix AZ with a husband, two daughters and two four legged furry sons. I am a transplant from San Diego and feel strongly like I lived a previous life in the South. I have a strong propensity toward anything southern or country. You wouldn’t know it to look at my house. In addition to my other obsessions, being neat and organized is a big one. I don’t like clutter in my home, but please don’t look in my car. Being a certified Junker isn’t a science and my car is my “home away from home” on the road. And looks it. At any given moment, if I were stranded with my car on a deserted island, I could survive for weeks with the goodies that I have stashed in it.

A have a career that I’m nuts about and count my blessings everyday. The statement that if you find a way to make money doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life is truer than most will ever believe. I starting in the home decor business many many years ago. If I tell you exactly how many years ago, you’d probably dispute the tag line of this blog. In my defense, my first job in the home furnishings business was at the fresh age of 16 and was a darling gift shop in Del Mar named Branch of the Lily. In the years following, my career took me into Interior Design and my passion for fabrics and textiles of any and all kinds served me well. At one point I found myself working with clients with huge estate homes spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their home furnishings and design. Even at the time I would shake my head in wonder about the amount of money people would spend on their homes. Staggering….simply staggering.

That experience led me to explore my love of doing home design “on the cheap”. I was determined to show clients that you can have a fabulous home without breaking the bank. A little elbow grease, a little perserverance, and a little looking at things with a different eye and you can have the home of your dreams for a song. And each item will have a STORY.That is my goal for this blog. To share with like minded people the STORY of my journey. The STORY of me…..and my goal of living an authentic, junky, rebellious life and doing it OUT LOUD!

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