Welcome to the DIY Retailers Team!

I hope that this is the beginning of a new creative & successful adventure!  As a retailer with over 20 years of experience, there have been so many things on my wish list that I hoped to have in a paint line.  All the details of DIY Paint ™ were created specifically with those wishes in mind.  In my humble opinion, DIY Paint ™ is not only the highest quality Chalk & Clay paint offered at the best value on the market, it truly is an amazing product.

I believe that if you give people the tools and the knowledge to do it themselves (DIY) you will enrich their lives, and create a long lasting connection.  DIY Paint ™ comes with a network of support and community that’s designed to encourage and inspire you and your customers.  It is my hope that you will learn so much more than the basics of furniture painting, as we work together to discover and grow beyond our wildest dreams.

As a DIY Retailer you are a valued part of our team, and are joining a supportive community of business savvy paint enthusiasts, like yourself!  It is my mission to support you in your success with DIY Paint ™ products.


This is major.  Not only can you paint indoors without worrying about fumes, but for those people who have allergies or are sensitive to toxins, there are NO VOCs and the paint is all natural.  We love that!


If you have ever labored over sanding and then priming a piece before you even begin the fun part, you can appreciate how much time and backache this feature saves you!  Besides being all natural, eliminating these steps converted me to chalk paint for good!  Well, that and the gorgeous results!


DIY Paint ™ does not contain any Latex or Acrylic! DIY Paint is chalk and clay based with a high quality dream finish.  After just a simple application, I’ve transformed pieces from trash to treasures, and have seen people who claim to have no talent impress themselves with professional-looking results, as well as surprise their families.


Aside from DIY Paint ™ featuring my actual dream colors, 27 in total (more on the way), the pigment is more saturated than any other brand of paint I know.  The high quality pigment results in exceptional coverage and color richness.  DIY Paint ™ uses premium NO VOC pigments resulting in magnificent deep color and excellent coverage. Compare this to other brands which add the color to a paint base for 30% pigmentation.

I’m happy to say that DIY Paint ™ is of the highest quality chalk and clay paint on the market, and competitively priced!  Furthermore, you can proudly pass the savings along to your customers without compromising your margins.

The variety of techniques that I continue to discover seems to be unending!  Experimenting and pioneering creative applications in m passion, new textures, layers, and finishes all contribute to unique results that I record and share with you!  I publish weekly videos and fresh ways to up-cycle furniture with DIY Paint ™ and more.  Combined with your passions and discoveries, I know this will be a great partnership, and together we can inspire others!

I want to make using and selling DIY Paint ™ simple!  I design helpful handouts exclusively for DIY Paint ™ for my retailers and their customers.  You will also find a QR scan code on each can of DIY Paint ™ that leads to a short video about the paint.  Additionally, I create and post new DIY videos each week on YouTube using DIY Paint ™ and more!  These are a few examples of how you can continue to expand your product expertise and educate and inspire your customers.


All Retailers have access to an affiliate link via their account on diypaint.co, that you can give to your customers to purchase products online; you will receive 42% commission on any purchases completed using your link.  Orders will be filled and shipped directly from DIY Paint ™ warehouse in New Mexico.  Affiliate links can be sent directly to customers, placed on your website or blog, and even a Shop Now button on your Facebook page.



Yes, we will assign each retailer a specific trading area based on zip codes and selling population at the time of the retailer agreement.


Yes and no.  In your store, you can set the prices for all paints and products.  while we recommend a keystone, or 100% markup on products, you may mark up or down as you wish.  If you are selling ONLINE, the prices are set to respect all DIY Paint ™ Retailers, and prevent competing within the brand.  No discounting, incentives, or special offers are permitted, including free or discounted shipping, or gifts with purchase.  *Prices outside of the US may differ.

Does Debi's Design Diary participate in advertising?

Yes, DDD maintains very active social platforms, including a Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram, and other social media platforms.  Debi will share posts daily, and upload at least one new video per month.  We strongly encourage internet promotion and love to share your posts!

Can I lose my wholesale retailer privileges?

Yes, we reserve the right to end a retailers wholesale relationship that does not comply with our company policy terms including price minimums and stocking requirements.

Does DDD help with retailer displays?

We have awesome promotional signs and marketing material to display in your store and educate customers.  You are also welcome to share any of DDDs online videos or photos.  When sharing web content, always remember to give credit to fellow retailers and include a link to your source.

Can I use the company logo and graphics on my own ads and social media?

Absolutely!  We encourage you to promote products in any media, and will supply you with full resolution graphics if needed.  Many products have QR codes right on the labels for additional information.  You may not create a URL using “DIY Paint ™” brand names.

Does DDD website and internet marketing effect my business?

In today’s marketplace, it is necessary for a company to market online and through websites to be considered a viable brand and maintain market share.  Retailers will be listed on DDD website to drive business to your stores.  You may use Google Ads or online marketing, as long as your business name is prominent and not deceiving or appearing to be the official DIY Paint ™ or Debi’s Design Diary.




All wholesale orders are subject to acceptance.  All orders must be paid in full before we can ship your order.


After the initial order of $1200 or more, there is no minimum amount to stock or reorder.  We will always work with you to be successful, but reserve the right to re-assign territories for under-active retailers.


By providing your credit card or checking account information, you are authorizing Debi's Design Diary and DIY Paint ™ to charge the account at the time the order is placed.  We accept Checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal.


We offer competitive prices and strive to keep it that way, however prices may change without notice.  Shipments will be billed at the price quoted on the date of your order.  We reserve the right to make adjustments.


Our paint in handcrafted per your order to ensure premium quality, therefore cancellations are not accepted.  All sales are final.


Report claims for damaged, lost or stolen items within 2 days of receipt to orders@debisdesigndiary.com.  Refused shipments will incur a 30% restocking fee, plus reshipment freight costs.  We reserve the right to replace, repair, or credit any product.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, each approved retailer will be given a 10 mile radius*.  The 10 mile radius is based on the location of your store.  In rural areas, we also take population density into consideration when determining a territory.

*FOR SPECIAL EVENTS (fairs, tradeshows, etc.)

If retailer wants to hold an event in another retailer's territory, they must get permission first.  If the retailer within the territory declines to be present, another retailer may sell at the event. We ask all retailers to respect and support each other! Offer to hand out the absent store's info at the event, if provided by the retailer in that territory.


1. To qualify as a Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint Retailer: We ask that you own or maintain a retail store (Brick & Mortar) or have a space in an antique mall involved in restoring furniture and accessories, etc. (Please provide a photo of your store or booth space with your application).
2. Sales Tax ID Number: We need a copy of your sales tax number in order to sell to you at wholesale prices and without charging sales tax. If you are in an antique mall, you may not be required to collect sales tax, therefor we would not require a certificate. Some states do not have sales tax and therefore a copy of your DBA may be used to prove you are a business.
3. Stocking Requirements: We require that our retailers maintain a good stock and inventory of our current product at all times. This is considered to be an opening order inventory. Around $1000 cost of goods in stock.
4. Opening Orders Minimums: To qualify as a stocking retailer, we require a first time order of $1200 or greater in wholesale items. You may choose to order a la carte or select from our packages.
5. Online Sales and Discounting: We allow online sales for retailers with websites. No third party sites may be involved (ie. Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, etc.). We do not allow discounting, special offers, or pricing above the keystone (100%) mark-up for products sold online. Retailers will be removed immediately for misuse of online sales.  No free products with paint orders, etc. are allowed.  
6. Re-orders: You may order as little or as much as you with; however, any reorders below $250 wholesale are subject to a handling charge of 10%. Retailer re-orders are a priority. We try to ship re-orders within 2 days of payment, though larger orders may take longer. Contact us for an estimate on your order fulfillment time.
7. Shortages and Damages: All order discrepancies must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of shipment in order to receive credit. Please take a picture and e-mail it to orders@debisdesigndiary.com to receive credit information.
8. Training Classes: In addition to viewing online tutorials, all retailers are invited to attend our training seminars and bootcamps, held in different locations across the country.
9. URL’s and Web Addresses: Please do not included the names Debi’s Design Diary or DIY Paint ™ on any URL or web address/domain. Any online advertising may not be tagged to show up on fellow retailers’ blogs or websites. We strongly discourage using tags that include personal names of related businesses.



Please review and sign your retailer agreement below.  Sign your contract below and place your first order.  Your initial order must be $1200 or greater in product, you may order from one of our New Retailer Starter Packages or a la carte.